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Retrofit terminals

The perfect choice, always.

Retrofit terminals

The perfect choice, always.

ISOBUS functions.

The S10 terminal is designed to handle an impressive number of applications. It can be used for GPS guidance, but also acts as an operating terminal for ISOBUS implements.


ISO UT stands for ISOBUS Universal Terminal. All ISOBUS-enabled implements (such as LINER, DISCO, CARGOS, QUADRANT and VARIANT) can be operated with the UT function.

Task management Basic (ISO TC-BAS).

ISO TC-BAS means ISOBUS Task Controller Basic and allows standardised task management. TC-BAS imports the counter values needed for documentation of the work performed. These values are transmitted by the implement. All other relevant data, such as fields and working time, can also be documented. Advance job planning is also possible in conjunction with farm management software using data in ISO-XML format.

This means that tasks can easily be exchanged between the terminal and software and accurate documentation can be issued with ease.

Task management GEO (ISO TC-GEO).

ISO TC-GEO stands for ISOBUS Task Controller geo-based and, in addition to the TC-BAS functions, allows gathering of satellite-based position information. Documentation – e.g. of variable fertiliser application – can therefore be produced with pinpoint accuracy. The S10 terminal can display these location-specific values in map view during the task.

Section Control (ISO TC-SC).

ISO TC-SC stands for ISOBUS Task Controller Section Control. This function allows you to switch sections on and off automatically – e.g. during crop spraying, fertiliser spreading or precision drilling – for precision field work. All the settings can be adjusted individually on the implement currently in use and are easily entered according to the operation in hand. The status bar in the map view on the S10 terminal gives you a full overview of all the sections at all times without losing sight of other functionalities.

Section View.

No more unwanted overlapping during spraying work. Section View shows you which sections to switch on or off. Up to 16 sections can be freely defined, depending on your implement. The degree of overlap shown on the display can also be adjusted.


  • Sections to be switched on or off are displayed
  • No unnecessary overlapping or untreated areas
  • Cost savings