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Press release

CLAAS Bad Saulgau continues production without interruption – unit sales on schedule

Production at the Bad Saulgau site continues to run according to plan, despite an initial two-week shutdown of series production at the CLAAS site in Harsewinkel due to production stoppages at suppliers.

“We are continuing to supply our dealers and customers green forage harvesting machinery as reliably as ever”, explains Patrick Boos, Managing Director of Production CLAAS Saulgau GmbH. “This means we can guarantee supply security for the upcoming 1st cut and beyond. A mid three-figure number of mower units, swathers, tedders and loader wagons are due to be manufactured before the change to front attachment production at the end of April. Given that we have taken security precautions and have a comprehensive stock of parts, we are very confident of achieving the planned target at this point in time. The safeguarding of our employees is, of course, our top priority.”

A mid three-figure number of green forage harvesting machines are due to be manufactured by the end of April, with more than 100 machines being continuously loaded and shipped every day.

Ulrich Nickol, Head of the Forage Harvesting Division at CLAAS since 1st April and also Managing Director at CLAAS Saulgau GmbH as well as CLAAS Material Handling GmbH, adds: “As one of the few agricultural machinery factories to remain in production in Europe, we are fortunately in a position to continue production at a normal level and without production stoppages. While the situation has deteriorated slightly for some suppliers, we are generally well covered with supplier parts for the green forage harvesting segment. Only in the production of swathers was the assembly of some units delayed. However, the relevant supplier is already restarting production, meaning that the production of the postponed units can be resumed quickly. Furthermore, enough swathers have already been produced to cover the current demand over the medium term, ensuring that there will be no supply shortfall.” 

Bad Saulgau is a production facility for CLAAS mower units, tedders, swathers as well as loader wagons and forage transport wagons. In addition, it also manufactures front attachments plus the intake and chopper units for the JAGUAR range.