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Press release

More user-friendly knife sharpening system

For the 2019 model year, CLAAS is fitting the AQUA NON STOP COMFORT knife sharpening system with LED interior lights and a sharpening chamber rinse function, for an even more user-friendly knife sharpening operation for balers and self-loading forage wagons.

Sharp knives for good forage quality

The AQUA NON STOP COMFORT knife sharpener from CLAAS ensures uniform sharpening of knives for balers and self-loading forage wagons. This results in high forage quality, saves fuel and protects the drive line of your forage harvesting machine.

This is the first fully automatic knife sharpener on the market. The device accommodates up to 51 knives per cycle. More than 90 templates are available, providing precise sharpening along the knife contour for the knives from practically all manufacturers. It can also sharpen straight-edged knives.

A sharpening emulsion circulating in a closed circuit ensures a precise wet sharpening operation, with virtually no loss of knife hardness, and perfect chopping quality even after multiple sharpening operations.

Operation of the system is simple and user-friendly. There is no need for time-consuming adjustments, and no manual interventions are required during the sharpening cycle.

New equipment features from 2019

For 2019, the AQUA NON STOP COMFORT is fitted with integrated LED interior lights. This provides optimum conditions for monitoring the sharpening operation, to check that everything is running as it should. The lights are resistant to water, cooling emulsion and dust, and are easily switched on and off from the terminal.

Regular removal of sharpening dust in the machine provides a clearer view of the operation, and enhances sensor performance. With the new, fully integrated sharpening chamber rinse function in the AQUA NON STOP COMFORT system, users can also clean the machine quickly and easily, immediately after use.